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Cut voided velvet

In our uncompromising quest for excellence, at Clerici Tessuto we have renovated some historic looms that allow weaving wonderful cut-voided (epinglé) silk velvet of unparalleled quality.

By contrast to the velvet that is generally commercially available, with this traditional technique both the loop pile and the cut pile are combined in the same fabric to render a pattern, giving a more dynamic and elegant effect.

Originating in medieval Italy, this technique maintains its exquisite quality today and has been refined to produce ever lighter velvets, as required by women’s fashion.

Few machines remain in the world today that allow the weaving of such fine epinglé velvet, even on very light bases such as chiffon, which is why the “rod looms” represent the highest expression of Clerici Tessuto craftsmanship.


Clerici Tessuto is one of the last weaving mills in the world able to weave traditional chinè fabrics.

Chinè is a special fabric made on the basis of a hand-printed warp and then woven by hand on specially structured looms.

A so-called “canvas” is created, i.e. a warp, woven with a “fake” weft that looks like a net to the eye.

The product is then printed by hand and finally returned to the loom where, once the false weft has been removed with a delicate manual operation of unravelling, it is woven traditionally to achieve the classic effect of a print with undefined contours.

Sustainability is a founding element of our identity and is deeply rooted in the company’s strategy.
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